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Twitter and Blogs

community buildingBlogging is a new media that allows any one to publish on the Internet. Businesses have found this a great communication tool that allows them to communicate with their business partners and clients. Blogs can be used for product announcements, Media Releases, Industry dialogue. or just about anything you wish to publish publicly.

Blogs provide fresh content to your website and aids in Search optimisation. Fresh content is important when competition is fierce to rank high in the search results.  The use of blogs is an important part of any business today who wishes to engage with their audience.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform for making announcements in less that 140 characters. It has become popular with businesses  wanting to attract people to their content.

There are many tricks to becoming successful in blogging and Twitter. You need to build a readership of valued followers who look forward to your next post.

This can be a time consuming task for many business owners and time is often what they do not have.

We can help your business become a blogger and publish on your behalf or we can teach your or your staff in the art of blogging.

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