eLearningThere has been an explosion of eLearning opportunities on the Web. This can be learning for staff or for users of your products. Creating learning tools on the web allows you to have cost-effective ways to up skill your people with out the cost and time associated with training.

What can you teach with eLearning?

Today’s web can allow just about any type of eLearning. With access to live Chats, Video Voice, Graphics and text the delivery methods are many.  Learning modules can provide assessment tools and methods to insure that the learner has grasped the material and record keeping can be automated to insure compliances are met.

There may be some things you cannot learn using eLearning such as getting a driver’s licence however there are parts of getting a licence that can be achieved with eLearning such as the road rules ( Theory) .

eLearning can be used for  

  • Inductions
  • Theory
  • Study Material
  • Collaboration
  • Test
  • Assessments

There are many effective tools been developed for eLearning that can cut your cost of training.

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