shopping-cart.pngeCommerce is now becoming a major part in any business that sell products. An eCommerce site is a silent seller for you and must present its self as the seller. Motivating your visitors to BUY NOW is the art of a successful eCommerce web site. There are many things that can be done to motivate the visitor to purchase.

Many companies use a standard template for eCommerce that makes a person ready to buy familiar with the process and the options. However what if that person is not ready to buy? How do you motivate them to take the next step in the buying process with out loosing them to another online store.

There has been many studies into this and an example is Amazon book store who invested heavily into a new web design and turned a business not making money into a billion dollar money-making venture.  This achieved by studying what people want when they visit the web site and how the visitor want to use it. By changing the design Amazon changed the way eCommerce sites work.

A successful eCommerce site requires very careful planning and an understanding to what the visitor on the site is thinking and providing them with easy options to purchase now.

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