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Ausi1 was the internet name used back in the 90’s when we use to use chat channels like ICQ. Today Ausi1 is a brand name developed over many years of communicating on-line.

Chris Johnson been involved in the Internet for many years. in 1998 he started the 1st Internet Cafe in Sorrell  Tasmania. After moving to Horsham Victoria in 2000 he studied multimedia  with the University of Ballarat and become a trainer in web design and computers.  In 2009 Chris started studying Information Technology with Swinburne University  only to realise that his interest lied in the Internet. He has completed a BA in Internet Communications. There he learned about the sociology of the Internet and modern design techniques.

The study of social media and the way people use social media Chris seen there was an opportunity to help others with the complex task of Social Media Marketing. The realisation that traditional media are winding down because of the effects of social media Chris seen this as an important move for the next generation of marketers.

Chris is  president of the local brass band and plays Baritone.

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