Internet Communications Consultant

Grow Your Business Online

We specialise in helping you to get the best value for your investment in the Internet. Designing a business strategy that can give you measurable return on investment and improve efficiency in communications across a broad ranges of platforms.

Service include

  1. Web Presence Evaluation
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Twitter and Blogs
  4. Google Tools
  5. Web Designs ( HTML5 , CSS3, PHP, Jquery, MySQL, Ajax, Web Services, Responsive Designs)
  6. eCommerce
  7. Digital Content Creation (Video, Photography, Graphics)
  8. Database Integrated Content Management Systems
  9. YouTube Marketing
  10. eLearning Development
  11. Phantom Writing
  12. Consultancy and Staff Training
  13. Social Media Policies

We are located in Horsham Victoria servicing the Wimmera and providing a unique service not found in rural centres. With the advent of changes in media now, is a great time to participate in creating new communication channels with your clients and business associates.  By investing in social capital will enable you to build solid grounds for survival of your business into the future.

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